• Workshops and training in how to be agile

    Understanding Customers in New Ways

    Re-segment your customer base to promote better innovation

    Creating a richer customer segmentation gives your innovators more to aim at with product and service delivery. Most firms segment crudely and even the best firms underestimate the value of a rich, diverse customer segmentation. We will show you how better segmentation can drive more appropriate innovation, better asset utilisation and a faster cadence of change to start the flow.

    C-Suite Workshops

    Innovating the IT Shop

    These are day long interactive workshops with C-Suite executives and their teams to nail down what we really mean by being agile and how to achieve it fast. We discuss how to move beyond the issues that most executives are discussing to truly create an adaptive IT shop centred on customer needs, and continuous everything: continuous learning, continuous improvement, continuous delivery and continuous innovation. Covers how to reduce cycle time, better planning, how and when to introduce new techniques like visualisation, new work organisation principles as well as reconfiguring your teams for high performance.

    Executive Portfolio Transformation with FLOW

    Lead the change and save millions of dollars

    By exposing the executive portfolio to rational scrutiny you can save millions of dollars on zombie projects and set your organisation up for real change. Create belief, engagement and resources by understanding how to do continuous strategy and portfolio management. Executive Portfolio Transformation is a month long engagement that will leave you wiser, richer and with the basic learning to create a new flow of work co-created by your best people.

    Disruption Strategy for the Age of Scale, Scope and Speed

    Learn how to envision a radical future

    The way companies compete is changing, as is the global economic environment. In this two and a half hour workshop you will learn all about how scale, scope and speed are redefining the competitive environment, provoking smart firms to innovate every day. You will learn how to refocus innovation around hidden and under-utilised assets and how to develop a platform and ecosystem strategy. Contact us for more information.

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