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An introduction to flow

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FLOW: A Handbook for Change Makers, Mavericks, Innovation Activists and Leaders

Digital Transformation Simplified

Today’s businesses need continuous everything: continuous innovation, continuous learning, continuous value creation, continuous delivery. FLOW is all about that continuous need to change while getting things done. What do you need?

  • To innovate more quickly across a wider range of products

  • Expand markets

  • Collaborate more effectively inside and outside the firm

  • Pivot quickly in order that more customers receive more value more often?

FLOW is an offbeat but effective response to those needs. It is an alternative to Agile, a post-Agile manifesto and a book of very strange-looking WALLS. It is a new movement.

We believe there is only one way to change an organisation and make it radically more efficient and innovative while staying sane and making work fun.

Extreme visualisation. A world of work where everything is visible, where change is spelled out each day on the WALLS of the building. These become venues for radical new conversations about how to get stuff done, well and differently.

FLOW is the ultimate in adaptability. But it is more than that. It is also a pioneering book that reflects an emerging trend seen in many high performing, growth companies.

In the digitally transformed company, processes are co-created by the people doing the work. At that point, we’re talking about the ultimate in collaboration.

FLOW in six sentences:

  • A way to create and shape value through good social interaction at work

  • The visual techniques that create a culture of continuous improvement

  • Automated continuous delivery in an advanced technology environment

  • A pioneering new way to learn as individuals, teams and leaders

  • The ideal technique to go from action-to-strategy-to-plan as opposed to planning projects that fail

  • Business reimagined

FLOW is about continuous everything. Buy the book and join the movement.

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