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    Fin Goulding

    Top 100 CIO

    Fin has two decades of experience in creating high performing teams that are adept at large-scale transformation projects and startup-style pivots. He is currently international CIO at global insurer Aviva where he is a member of the senior leadership teams dragging a 300 year old organisation into the digital age. He has pioneered new ways of working in his roles as CIO Paddy Power, Lastminute.com and Visa. Fin is one of the top 100 CIOs globally and, in addition to being a keen marathon runner, is an in-demand speaker on digital transformation. He never takes the same route to work more than two days on the trot and despite his IT success is actually a punk guitarist at heart.

    Haydn Shaughnessy


    Haydn Shaughnessy is a leading authority on platforms, ecosystems and economic disruption. His work on large scale economic disruption led him to consult with Fin, whose work he had heard of on the grapevine. Together they set out to extend Fin's ideas on IT agility to a true business agility framework. Haydn is a respected thinker and advisor on innovation and regularly works on major platform projects for organisations like SWIFT, FujiFilm, RBS, The Swiss Stock Exchange and so forth. He is a former Forbes.com columnist on innovation, former editor of Innovation Management, and has written Shift: A Leader’s Guide to the Platform Economy. However, he feels he has found his calling in working with Fin on Flow.

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