• Flow - the Framework for Business Agility

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  • Benefits of FLOW

    More value, less waste

    Just-in-time planning

    Startup-style pivot ability

    Better integration of customer needs

    Better targeted innovation

    Process innovation at pace

    More collaboration

  • Are you Agile or business agile?

    Are you prepared for the pace of innovation the digital economy demands?

    Flow helps large enterprises accelerate the pace and scope of innovation by integrating Agile and Lean with new principles of continuous innovation and continuous delivery.


    Flow is a very light-weight framework for digital transformation and agile working.

    Whereas formal Agile techniques are heavy on rules, the best companies out there are relying instead on culture.

    At Netflix people are trusted to work within loose guard-rails, making their own decisions instead of following a playbook. At Spotify the same principle of delegating responsibility is key to agility. At Paddy Power, conversation is the working method of choice. Flow captures this shift to a looser culture and explains how to achieve it through a very light framework of techniques and values. It interprets what great companies are doing and shows how you can do it too.

    Learn how to:


    Simplify complex digital transformation tasks

    and be truly agile

    Achieve enterprise-wide from gain from IT innovations such as micro services and DevOps

    Maximise portfolio investments

    Engage employees in a more collaborative work process

    Improve customer segmentation so that your innovation is better targeted

    Use smaller work units to reach value faster

    Use extreme visualisation to maximise your efficiency

    Do better budgeting through shorter cycle times

    Create 80% of value with 20% of your resources

    And reduce wasted effort.


    FLOW is a method that takes enterprises efficiently to the digital future, one that embraces and goes beyond Agile methods and Lean StartUp to bring you right up to date with all the latest developments in organisational performance.

  • Digital transformation simplified

    Flow is designed for the continuous delivery of innovation across large programs.

    When you need to transform

    FLOW allows your people to co-create the best processes to get work done, fast.


    By radically reducing cycle-time (the time it takes to compete projects) and by making all work visible, FLOW creates the conditions that allow all enterprises to pivot and change like startups.

  • About us

    Fin Goulding

    Top 100 CIO

    Fin is currently international CIO at global insurer Aviva where he is a member of the senior leadership team dragging a 300 year old organisation into the digital age. He has pioneered new ways of working in his roles at Paddy Power, Lastminute.com and Visa. Fin is one of the top 100 CIOs globally and, in addition to being a keen marathon runner, is an in-demand speaker on digital transformation.

    Haydn Shaughnessy


    Haydn is a leading authority on innovation, disruption and how economies change. He researches and speaks on how firms can develop better strategies, better ways to work, and better ways to find out what customers really want. A former Partner at the first social agency The Conversation Group, he has advised some of the world's leading institutions. Haydn speaks about disruption and innovation in the platform era and how to get digital transformation right.

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